Jan Loves Cheese Radio Commercial

ANNCR: This is Jan
JAN: Hi.
ANNCR: Jan decided to move from Wisconsin to New York.
JAN: I really feel that the big city life is for me.
ANNCR: But then Jan goes to her first party.
JAN: Excuse me, but where is the cheese and sausage platter?
MAN: Cheese and sausage platter, what are you talking about?
JAN: I’ll be right back.
ANNCR: Jan quickly drives to the local supermarket.
JAN: Excuse me, but I was looking for some muenster cheese and…
WOMAN: Did you check aisle three?
JAN: Yes I did, but…
WOMAN: If it wasn’t there then we don’t have it.
ANNCR: Jan spends several weeks in New York, and slowly begins to feel the effects of being deprived of protein, calcium, and other nutrients that are found in cheese. She decides to move back to Wisconsin.
JAN: Cheese! Wonderful cheese! I’ll have some muenster, and some cheese curds, and maybe I’ll even go and buy a cheese and sausage platter.
ANNCR: Jan is feeling much better now.
JAN: Ah, the power of cheese.
ANNCR: If you would like more information about cheese go to http://www.Ilovecheese.com. And before moving to New York, please note that cheese deprivation may have some strange side effects…
JAN: You wonderful cow, you make the cheese, don’t you?


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