The Super Morpher, Chapter 11: Forcing Confrontation Part 2

Footsteps echoed around the stairwell as Ryan made his way up to his dorm. Why did Becky have to show up and ruin such a perfectly good night? Kari was starting to fall for him, he could feel it. He got the feeling that Kari would keep falling for him the longer she tried to explain Christianity to him, and luckily for him, he wasn’t going to understand it any time soon. Seriously, how can Christians believe all that stuff?

Ryan hesitated in the hallway when he noticed that the door to his dorm was ajar, and the doorframe was broken where the lock connected to it. He pulled the glove off of his right hand and made his way over to the door. He slowly pushed it open and made his way inside. He gasped as he looked around the room. The room was trashed.

Not a single piece of furniture was sitting upright, and papers were strewn about the room. Posters and the wallpaper were torn down everywhere, and shattered glass was all over the floor. Ryan carefully made his way through the room, and he checked his and Jordan’s bedrooms, and saw that they were also trashed in the same way. Ryan quickly pulled out his phone and called Jordan. The phone went straight to voicemail and Ryan bit his bottom lip. He ended the call and immediately dialed the number for the police. After several rings someone answered the phone. “What is your emergency?”

“My dorm has been broken into and completely trashed, and I think my roommate may have been kidnapped!”

“What is your address? We’ll send some officers over to investigate right away.”


Lieutenant Jacob surveyed the room that the rest of the police officers were searching. He turned to Ryan and said, “So you say that the room was like this when you came back? Do you know of anyone that may have had a grudge against Mr. Godard, or would have any reason to want to kidnap him?”

Ryan shook his head. “Jordan was a science geek, so he wasn’t exactly popular, but no one disliked him, not enough to do this. I’m afraid I can’t think of anyone.”

Lieutenant Jacob nodded his head. “He seemed like a good kid the couple of times that I met him. He was pretty smart, maybe someone kidnapped him to use him to build something for them. We’ll keep looking around to see if we can find any clues, do you have anyplace to stay?”

Ryan nodded. “Yeah, I have plenty of friends that would let me spend the night. You’ll let me know if you find anything out?”

Lieutenant Jacob nodded his head. “Of course, now go and try to get some sleep. We’ll find your friend for you.”

Ryan turned and walked out of the dorm. “There’s no way the Super Morpher is going to just lay around and wait for the police to find Jordan. I have a few places I want to check out still.”

Ryan ran out the door and made his way across campus to the cafeteria. A couple of the tables had students seated around them with their textbooks open discussing homework or a study guide for an upcoming test, and a woman was wiping down the unoccupied tables. Ryan asked everyone in the cafeteria if they had seen Jordan, or if he had been there. No one had seen them, and most of the didn’t even know who he was, and Ryan hurried on to the science building on the other side of campus.

One of Jordan’s favorite teachers, Dr. Brandon Thome, had his office in that building, and sometimes he worked late in his office. Jordan might be up there talking about something he was working on with Dr. Thome. Ryan rushed up the stairs and knocked on Dr. Thome’s door. Dr. Thome was surprised to Ryan, especially at this time at night, but he hadn’t seen Jordan in a couple of weeks. Ryan left Dr. Thome’s office and headed down to Jordan’s lab. Maybe his phone had died and he was working late on a project again.

Ryan pushed open the door to Jordan’s lab and his heart sank even further than it had before; Jordan’s lab was in the same condition as their dorm had been. Someone had come here looking for Jordan as well. Ryan noticed the smashed remains of Jordan’s phone lying on the ground and he understood why Jordan wasn’t answering his phone. Something had happened to Jordan, Ryan was certain of it.

He made his way to the top of the science building and put his suit on. He would comb this entire city tonight if he had to, he was going to find and save his friend. He jumped from building to building as he made his way across town, always keeping his eyes open for any sign of Jordan. The distorted voice that had demanded Ryan return to being the Super Morpher came over his radio. “Hello, Super Morpher. Mr. Jordan Godard is in our custody.”


Jordan sat in the Spider’s interview room, tied down to a chair with cameras pointed at him from the four corners of the room, and a table with a microphone attached to it and a wall made up of glass in front of him. A distorted voice came through two speakers mounted into the wall behind Jordan and said, “Hello, Mr. Godard.”

Jordan struggled against his bonds and said, “What do you want? Let me go.”

The voice chuckled, “All in good time, my dear Mr. Godard. First, we have some questions that we were hoping you could answer for us. Do you know who the Super Morpher is?”

Jordan hesitated. How had they managed to connect the Super Morpher back to him? Jordan replied, “Yeah, he’s that new hero that has been protecting the city, right?”

The distorted voice chuckled, “Oh, being coy, are we? You may have misunderstood. I believe that you know who the Super Morpher is under his mask. That is what I am interested in.”

Jordan frowned. “Why would you think that I would know who he is?”

“It is believed that the suit that the Super Morpher wears is indestructible, and I have it from a credible source that you have recently developed a formula for making fabric indestructible, and that you have kept that formula to yourself. It would make sense that you made his costume for him, and that you would know who he is. If you don’t tell me, things will get very unpleasant for you.”

Sweat began to bead on Jordan’s forehead. How had they figured out that it was the cloth and not Ryan that was invincible? “I don’t know who he is. I have had several orders come in for my new cloth, perhaps he is one of those? I don’t know who any of the people are that ordered from me though, so you would have to let me return to my lab to get my records.”

A sigh came over the speakers. “You want to be difficult, do you? I have ways of making you tell me who the Super Morpher is, ways that will make you tell me everything you have ever done. That would be a waste of your brilliant mind though. I think I will add you to my collection of scientists and you can work for me instead. I will give you some time to decide which you would prefer: Giving me what I want and being set free, or remaining silent and working for me.”


The Spider flipped off the microphone and sat back in his chair, shaking his head. “If this young man does know who the Super Morpher is, he must be quite close to him to be protecting him in this way. Have our men made any progress in tapping into the data from the communications chip from his phone?”

Saul shrugged. “They’re working on it, but it will take some time to get past the encryption on it.”

The Spider sat forward and twisted some dials on the panel in front of him. “Very well, we can set another plan into motion. The Spider flipped the microphone back on and said, “Hello, Super Morpher. Mr. Jordan Godard is in our custody. If you do not appear before me at the same place that we met earlier today in two hours, I will end his life. I’m sure that you don’t want to have this man’s blood on your hands, so I suggest that you arrive promptly.” The Spider flipped the microphone back off and crossed his arms. “Now we just have to see which of our plans bears fruit first.”


Ryan’s hands formed into fists at his side. Something terrible was going to happen no matter what he did, either Jordan was going to die, he was going to end up working for this mysterious man, or the city was going to be attacked. He couldn’t just give up, but what could he do in this situation? He was going to save Jordan no matter what it took, and he would fight against the gangs if it came to that, but even he couldn’t protect the entire city all at once!

Ryan sighed, maybe he could ask the police for help. They would want to protect this city as much as he did. What if they didn’t want to work with Ryan? What if they still wanted to arrest him on sight? Ryan shook his head and started to head back to campus. He would do everything he could to save Jordan, even if it meant risking being arrested.

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