The Godard Brothers, Chapter 1: Surrounded by Geniuses Part 2

Alfred Godard’s pen filled his office with a scratching sound, leaving a string of formulas and calculations behind on the sheet of paper sitting on his desk. He smiled as row after row of calculations appeared on the page before him. This approach was looking very promising, he had never made it this far with his theory. His pen stopped moving and his smile turned into a frown. This theory wasn’t going to work either.

He tore the piece of paper out of his notebook, crumpled it up, and threw it at the full trash can sitting by the wall. It bounced out and landed on the floor amid a pile of others. He covered his eyes with his hands and took a deep breath. Every time he thought he was getting close to a breakthrough, he hit a wall.

Ten years ago, when he was a senior in college, he had discovered a way to bond inorganic matter with organic matter, and he had spent the last ten years struggling to find a way to apply his theory to other fields of scientific study in a positive way. It didn’t matter what field he was working with, he always ended up running into the same result; something was missing that prevented it from fully working. That was why he spent so much of his time traveling and giving lectures on his theory; perhaps some other scientist out there would have the answers to his problem and together they could make the world a better place.

The red light on his answering machine was blinking; he had at least one message waiting for him on the machine. If he had to guess, at least one of them would be from the military trying to convince him to find an application to make human weapons for them. Alfred sighed; the military had some brilliant scientists in their ranks, and if Alfred worked with them, they could change the world. Unfortunately they were only interested in weapons, and he refused to make anything like that. Science existed to make this world a better place, to create advances that would improve people’s lives, not discover new ways to take them.

A man with greying hair at his temples walked into Alfred’s office and looked at the piles of crumpled paper littering the floor. “You know, I offered to get a whiteboard brought in here for you. It sure would save us money on all that paper that you seem to go through on a daily basis.”

A smile cracked Alfred’s face. “The only problem is that instead of paper I would be going through markers, and those are a bit more expensive. Besides, getting hit by one of those would hurt more than a crumpled up sheet of paper. I don’t think you came up here to complain about operating costs, Dad.”

Mark Godard smiled back at his son. “That’s the old Godard intuition for you. You got another invitation in the mail today.” Mark held out an envelope with the seal of Leforn University stamped on it.

Alfred accepted the envelope and scanned over it’s contents. “Of course I will attend, it’s only a question of when. I don’t have anything scheduled here for the eleventh, do I?”

Mark pulled his phone out of his back pocket and slid his finger around the screen. “No; I don’t have you down for anything.”

Alfred nodded his head. “Excellent. I have a good feeling about this, Leforn University is where this all started, and it could be the place where I finally find someone that can help me break through the walls I keep running into.”

Mark sat down on the corner of Alfred’s desk. “Are you going to be taking those boys of yours along?”

Alfred smiled. “Of course they will be coming along with me, a man couldn’t ask for two better assistants.” His smile turned into a frown. “Sometimes I think that they have already surpassed me. I just wish I was as smart as you, or grandpa Jordan. The world revolves around what the two of you do.”

Mark shook his head. “Don’t sell yourself short, son. Your grandfather and I have worked on improving things that already existed, you are going off on your own into biochem, a field that neither of us have ever had any success with. In my opinion, you are the greatest of us Godards, and I’m certain that you will get your theory to work, and it’s going to revolutionize this world. I just can’t wait to see what wonders your children are going to unleash on this world. They are truly gifted.”

Alfred nodded his head. “Yes; they certainly are. It seems like the men of our family grow more and more brilliant with each passing generation. I can’t imagine what the future will be like if things continue to follow this trend.”

“It’s hard to believe how much things have changed since your great, great grandfather Agonel Godard started his work. It was because of him and his research that there are so many people with powers in this world, and that robotics have reached the point that they have. His research into H energy was brilliant, if unpractical. If we had more super powered H energy people walking around, this entire world could run off of their energy.”

Alfred looked at his father strangely. “That may be true, but I think his work with robotics is far more praiseworthy. I know that Grandpa Jordan always says that the suits that he used to fight alongside the Super Morpher were inspired by his work.”

Mark smiled and shook his head. “Don’t get me started on my father’s accomplishments. He started out as a chemistry genius, and through his work with Dr. Mechanique, he gained an understanding of robotics and machinery that hasn’t been equaled to this day. Not to mention that he founded Godard Labs. It’s not exactly easy to grow up trying to compare yourself to someone with accomplishments like that.”

Alfred stared at his father. “It wasn’t exactly easy growing up in your shadow either. You founded the KOTC and the TOTC growing up. The city never knew a safer time than your childhood.”

A faraway look came over Mark’s eyes as he smiled fondly. “Ah, yes. Those were some great days. Have you ever considered letting Sanji and Alex resurrect the idea, and start a detective agency of their own?”

Alfred shook his head. “No, I think they are a little young for that, Dad. Besides, they don’t seem to have much of an interest in that sort of thing. They would rather work on figuring out the chemical formula for every household product that they can find then play with their friends. I think that Amanda and I are going to try and keep them more academic than you were when you grew up. You put yourself into a lot of dangerous positions growing up. Especially when you became part of the Elementals.”

Mark frowned. “That wasn’t my choice; that power was thrust upon me.”

Alfred held up his hands defensively. “I’m not saying that it was a bad thing, in fact you have managed to keep our country safe for decades with your abilities, and you still have time to run Godard Labs. Not only that, the labs have expanded and grown into what it is today under your guidance. You are an incredibly accomplished individual.”

Mark rolled his eyes. “I think that’s enough back-patting for one afternoon. I have some test results to go over; give me a hollar if you need anything.” Mark got off of Alfred’s desk and walked out of the office.

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