The Godard Brothers, Chapter 1: Surrounded By Geniuses Part 3

Amanda turned when she heard the front door open with a smile on her face. Alfred stepped through the door and Amanda dried off her hands and walked over to give Alfred a hug. “How was your day, dear?”

Alfred returned her hug. “It was pretty good. I got another invitation to give a lecture at Leforn University on the eleventh.”

Amanda gave her husband an extra squeeze. “That’s great news, dear. I’m sure that the boys will be excited to help you with another presentation.” Amanda’s smile was replaced with a frown. “Which reminds me; I got a call today saying that the boys had disrupted their class again.”

Alfred sighed and shook his head. “Those poor boys. I remember what it was like growing up and being smarter than my teachers. We really should try to get them into a learning environment that would challenge them. Perhaps my father would be interested in homeschooling them? At least we know that they would be properly challenged.”

Amanda shook her head. “I don’t think that’s such a good idea, Alfred. Your father is a very busy man between running the lab and the work he does with the government. I’m afraid that the boys would get neglected. Besides, I know first hand how much you smart types need to learn how to interact with others. Being in school will help their social skills.”

Alfred paused for a moment before nodding his head. “I believe you are correct, dear. Perhaps we could talk to the school about getting them into more advanced classes, perhaps some precollege ones?”

Amanda shook her head. “I think that would be almost as bad for their social skills as homeschooling would be. What high schooler or college student would want to hang around with children?”

Alfred shrugged. “I don’t know, but we have to do something.”

Amanda sighed, “That reminds me, your boys have been writing on the walls of their bedroom.”

Alfred frowned. “What were they writing?”

“They were working on some sort of equation or formula. Can you believe they said they were doing it because they ran out of paper?”

Alfred frowned, “This is why I wanted to put whiteboards up in their room.”

Amanda threw her hands up in the air. “We already have whiteboards hung up in the study for you and them to work on. That’s not the point; they were already on timeout when they did it. They should have been reflecting on what they did, not doodling! I had to take all the paper and writing utensils away from them.”

Alfred nodded his head. “I see, that is a bit of a different situation. I don’t suppose that you still have the papers that you took away from them, do you?”

Amanda nodded her head. “They’re sitting on the counter over there. Why?”

Alfred picked up the papers and started to scan them. “I’m just curious to see what they were working on. So that I know for when I go up to have a talk with them.” Excitement filled Alfred’s face as he flipped the page over he was looking at.

Amanda looked at her husband skeptically. “Uh-huh. I’m sure that’s the real reason. Supper is ready and we can eat after you go and have a talk with the boys.” She watched Alfred for a reaction, and saw him switch to another page instead. “Are you listening to me any more? Alfred!”

Alfred looked up startled. “What’s that, dear? Supper is ready once I get done talking with the boys? I’ll just go and have a chat with them right now then. This is so exciting! The boys may have found a way to use my formula to help promote hair growth! I have to go and see if they managed to finish their theory on their walls!”

Alfred bounded for the stairs and hurried up them. Amanda sighed and started setting the table. Now she understood where her children get their behavior from.


Alfred stood outside of his children’s bedroom trying to get his excitement under control. If he went in and started praising them for their formula written on the wall, they might not listen to him about the lesson he needed to teach them later. Once he was calm, he put a stern look on his face, and opened the door to the bedroom.

Sanji and Alex were lying on their beds staring up at the ceiling. Alfred cleared his throat and said, “I understand you boys disrupted your class again.”

Alex sat up on his bed. “It’s not our fault, Dad. The teacher asked the class a question, and we were simply answering it fully and completely. We couldn’t leave the class with a half explanation, could we? That wouldn’t have benefited anyone.”

Alfred shook his head. “You boys need to respect your teacher. During the day she is in charge of you.”

Sanji sneered. “I can’t respect Mrs. Rothum. She’s a fool and gets angry whenever anyone tries to actually learn anything. How could we possibly respect her?”

Alfred frowned at his son. “I thought I raised you boys better than that. You know that the Bible says to respect those in authority over you.” Sanji looked down at the ground in shame. Alfred continued on more gently. “You are right about her not challenging you academically, though. Your mother and I are going to look into trying to get you boys into more challenging classes. I think that should help you to respect you teachers a little more.”

Alex and Sanji smiled back at their father. “That sounds great, Dad! Maybe we could take some college classes!”

Alfred smiled and held up his hands. “Let’s not get so hasty. I’m not sure you are prepared for that level of work just yet.” His eyes scanned over the formula written on their walls. This was impressive work. If what he was seeing was correct, the boys had almost finished their formula. He forced himself to frown and shake his head. There would be time for praising them later. “Your mother told me that you had been writing on the walls, she didn’t tell me that it was this much. You should know better than to do something like this.”

Sanji looked away again. “We wanted to make something amazing for you, Dad. We thought that maybe if we could develope this formula, then you would let us leave school and come work with you. We ran out of paper though, and couldn’t go get more because we were on time out, and we knew we were close to finishing. Sorry.”

Alfred nodded his head. “This is a lesson that I’m going to have to work harder at teaching you two; just because you are brilliant doesn’t mean that the rules don’t apply to you.” The boys looked away ashamed and nodded their heads. “But for now, I think we should all go down and enjoy the wonderful supper that your Mother has prepared for us. After supper we’ll copy down your notes from your wall, and then you boys are going to wash it all off. If you have time before bed, maybe we can work on finishing it together.”

Sanji and Alex bounced on their bed. Sanji smiled. “That sounds awesome! I’m going to clean the walls super fast!”

Alex nodded his head. “Yeah, we get to work on a problem with Dad!” The boys jumped off of their beds and ran for the door. “Come on, Dad, we have to eat supper quick!”

Alfred smiled to himself and followed his sons out the door. At least he knew how to motivate them.


Sanji shoveled a spoonful of soup into his mouth and immediately spit it out and started coughing. Amanda looked at Sanji in concern. “The soup is hot, Sanji. You need to blow on it first. What’s the big rush anyway?”

Alex answered for his brother. “Dad says that after supper we need to go and wash the writing off of our walls, and if we get done early enough, we can work on finishing our formula with him tonight.”

Amanda looked slyly at Alfred and he shrugged. “That sounds like fun, but you two need to slow down and take your time. If you choke then you won’t get to work with your father at all. Alfred, did you tell the boys about your big surprise you got at work today?”

The boys looked expectantly at Alfred and he smacked himself in the forehead. “How could I have forgotten to mention that I was invited to give another lecture at Leforn University? I told them that I would like to come and do one, but I can’t do it without my two assistants, but they have been misbehaving lately. I can’t give a presentation with naughty assistants, can I?”

Sanji looked pleadingly at his father. “Please let us go, we’ll be good; I promise!”

Alex nodded his head. “Yeah, we’ll even take Mrs. Rothum an apple to say we’re sorry! Please let us go!”

Alfred nodded his head. “I suppose that I could tell them to expect me, but you two had better be on your best behavior until then. No more drawing on the walls or arguing with your teacher, understood?”

Sanji gave his father his most angelic look. “We’ll be the best kids that you ever saw, Dad!”

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