The Super Morpher, Chapter 12: Shots in the Night Part 1

Jordan’s eyes opened wide in panic when he looked down at the ground that was racing up to meet him and Ryan. “What are you thinking? I’m not sure that even you can survive a fall from this height, and I certainly can’t!”
Ryan reached down to his utility belt and pulled off one of the sticky grenades. “I couldn’t see any other way for us both to get out of that room alive. Now climb onto my back!”
Jordan made his way around Ryan’s body until he was hanging onto Ryan’s back. “What is this going to accomplish?”
Ryan pushed the red button on top of the grenade and pushed it between Jordan’s chest and his back. “Hopefully, it’ll save both of our lives.” The grenade erupted in a shower gooey slime, covering Jordan.
Jordan’s face twisted in disgust. “This was your plan? Get me covered in this slime before we die?”
Ryan reached his hand back and absorbed some of the sticky slime off of Jordan. “Relax, I’m pretty good at this hero thing.” Ryan’s body changed into the same sticky substance the slime was made out of. He reached his hands out until the touched a window they were falling past. The window shattered from the sudden strain put on it by their momentum, but it did slow their descent. Ryan released his sticky hold on the shattered pieces of glass, allowing them to rain down on the sidewalk below.
Ryan continued to do this to every window he could, each one slowing them down a little more. A smile filled Jordan’s face. “I see now! You wanted to use the stickiness of the sticky grenade to slow us down, and to make sure I didn’t fall during it. That was pretty clever of you, Ryan.”
Ryan grinned. “I told you I was pretty good at this whole hero thing.” With only ten stories left to fall, Ryan had finally slowed down their fall enough that the window he reached out for held their weight instead of just shattering. Ryan lowered himself down toward the street as quickly as he could.
Jordan’s smile turned into a frown. “What do we do now, Ryan? Those thugs will be down here any moment to catch us, not to mention that the city is going to be destroyed. Even you can’t protect every part of the city at once.”
Ryan dropped down the last ten feet to the ground and hurried toward the doors. “I already talked with the police. They are scattered throughout the city ready to take on the gangs wherever they attack. They just need to hold out long enough for me to get there and help out. As for this guy’s thugs here, I have an idea of how to keep them in there.” Ryan put his hand onto the space between the two doors and turned back to normal. The sticky substance appeared over the crack between the doors, creating a small seal. Ryan reached up and absorbed the rest of the sticky substance holding Jordan onto Ryan’s back, and he spread that over the crack as well.
Jordan nodded his head appreciatively. “Wow, you really thought this all through, didn’t you? You even had an escape planned for us before you got here. I really don’t give you enough credit. I’m very impressed.”
Ryan turned and ran for the closest alley, with Jordan still clinging onto his back. “Nope, I thought I was going to have to fight my way out of the building to get us out of there. Jumping through the window was a spur of the moment idea. Glad it worked out, though. Now hold on tight, I need to get you across town as fast as I can!”
Jordan’s eyes opened wide in fright. “You jumped through that window on an impulse? We could have died!”
Ryan laughed, “Of course we could have! That’s what it’s like for me every time I put this suit on!” Ryan pulled himself up onto the roof of the building he was climbing and started to sprint across town to the police station.
The Spider hurried into the interrogation room and over to the shattered window. He looked down at the falling bodies of the Super Morpher and of Jordan and shook his head. “He would rather have the city be destroyed and not have to live to see it than to work for me. Perhaps he wasn’t as strong a man as I thought he was. Have men go down to gather their bodies. I would not have them be found dead in front of my building, and perhaps the secret to the Super Morpher’s powers can be found inside of his DNA. Have his body delivered to the lab.”
The Spider gasped when he saw the Super Morpher transform and begin to slow his fall. He growled, and said, “Never mind about collecting his body, we can do that later. Saul! Contact the gangs and tell them to begin their attack, but to only send half of their members out.”
Saul pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and held it up to his ear. “Right away, boss.”
The Spider stepped away from the window and started across the empty room, but paused halfway across. “Make sure to tell them that they are not to loot or plunder until this city has been reduced to ashes. I would not have them be distracted while there is still work to be done.”
Saul nodded his head. “Of course, I will personally make sure that each gang leader understands your orders.”
Ryan leapt over a street and gasped when he saw men armed with guns and torches making their way through the streets. “I didn’t expect the attack to begin already!” Ryan picked up his pace to a breakneck speed.
Jordan watched the street that they had just jumped over, and saw police officers swarm out to meet the gang members. “The police will be able to hold out until you are able to assist them. Don’t worry about it. Besides, they now have uniforms made from the same indestructible fabric that you do. There is very little those thugs will be able to do to them.”
Ryan leapt to another roof. “You mean besides give them incredibly painful bruises when they are shot and possibly scramble their internal organs if they use any sort of explosives on them.”
Jordan frowned. “Of course there is still some risk, but they are better protected than any fighting force ever has been. Which reminds me, that morphing cap over your right hip has a bit of Jordanium in it. It’s a new alloy I synthesised that as far as I can tell is indestructible. Nothing should be able to hurt you if you are made out of it.”
Ryan jumped down from the top of the building and landed on the sidewalk in front of the police station. Jordan grunted at the sudden stop and Ryan smiled. “Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. Now let’s get you someplace safe!” Jordan climbed down off of Ryan’s back and hurried into the police station.
The police officers sat behind desks with radios and maps in front of them. They looked up when Ryan and Jordan entered the station. A man with graying hair stood up and shook his head. “Now is not a good time, fellas. The entire city is erupting into chaos in case you hadn’t noticed.”
Ryan said, “I am aware. I’m going out to do what I can to put a stop to it, but I wanted to make sure that Mr. Godard was someplace safe. The man I just rescued him from is behind this attack, and I don’t know what lengths he is going to be willing to go to in order to get him back.”
The man nodded his head. “Fine, he can stay here with us as long as he doesn’t get in our way. We are too busy guiding our officers to where the gangs are attacking to be able to have any distractions right now.”
Ryan smiled and nodded his head. “Thank you.” He turned and hurried out of the building.”
The police officer sat back down behind his desk and said, “The Super Morpher just left the station and is coming to give you some aid.”
Jordan watched the police officers answer radio calls and update their maps, decided that they weren’t paying any attention to him and slowly moved over to a computer that he would still be able to hear the radio reports coming in. He turned the computer on and logged on to the internet. He opened two sites, one that would allow him to receive and send out transmissions over the radio, and one that would allow him to have the computer say what he typed in.
Jordan turned the radio to the frequency that him and Ryan usually used, and typed in a message. “Ryan, it’s me, Jordan. I’m listening to the police scanner and an alarm is going off at Crystal’s Jewelry store, and there aren’t any officers there to deal with it. Once you are finished there, I will guide you to the next fight.”
Lieutenant Jacob cried out in pain when a bullet crashed into his shoulder. He dropped down to rest his back against the car he was using for cover, and muttered a few curses under his breath. Thanks to the bulletproof uniforms that Jordan Godard had finished just in time, that bullet only left a very painful bruise instead of a hole in his shoulder. Another officer dropped down next to Lieutenant Jacob and pulled out his empty clip and replaced it with another one filled with rubber bullets. “Are you okay, Lieutenant?”
Lieutenant Jacob gritted his teeth and nodded his head. “Yeah, I’ll be fine.” A bottle with a flaming rag tucked inside of it flew over the car and crashed into the building behind them, lighting it on fire. Lieutenant Jacob muttered a few more choice curses. “Get on the radio and call the fire department down here! I don’t know how we’re going to be able to make it through the night if they keep this up!”
The other officer fumbled for the radio attached to his shoulder and started to call in the fire. Lieutenant Jacob stood up and started firing at every gang member that he saw cheering and leering at the flames. “That’s right, stand there and make it easy for me! Where is the Super Morpher? He promised to back us up!”

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