The Super Morpher, Chapter 12: Shots in the Night Part 3

Ryan stumbled to the front of the police station with the sun rising at his back. Somehow they had done it. The gangs that had been attacking the city were either in custody or had fled, leaving the city with only minimal damage sustained. Police cheered as Ryan approached, and the police chief approached him with a smile on his face. Ryan returned the chief’s smile. “I think that should do it for tonight.”

The police chief held out his hand and nodded his head. “I believe you are right. I wanted to thank you for all of your help, I can honestly say that I don’t think the city would still be standing if you hadn’t come to our aid. It seems to me that the police could really use a man like you to help us. How would you like to join the police force?”

Ryan shook his head. “I appreciate the offer, Chief, but I think it would be best for the city if I didn’t. I want to be a hero that defends the people and pursues justice, not an attack dog on a leash to be sent wherever the government feels is necessary. I will continue to protect the city as I have been.”

The police chief nodded his head. “I understand. I think you can do more good on your own, but if you ever need help, we will give you any aid that you require.”

Ryan smiled. “I’ll keep that in mind. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I could really use some sleep.” Ryan turned and jogged toward the rising sun. He ran past stores and buildings with broken windows and some buildings that still smoldered, but he knew that things could have been a lot worse.

Ryan’s whole body twinged in pain, and he almost collapsed onto the ground. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but ever since he absorbed that fire his body had felt like it was having trouble functioning. He was going to go back to his dorm and try to sleep this off. Wait, his dorm was a crime scene at the moment, and everything in it was destroyed. Ryan sighed. He supposed a nice bench in the park would make as good a bed as anything else at the moment. He was tired enough he didn’t think he’d care too much about where he slept.


Jordan yawned and shifted, trying to find a comfortable position in the chair he was sitting in. A tired looking police officer sat across the table from him with a notebook sitting in front of him. The police officer said, “Can you tell us anything about your kidnapper? Anything that might help us to catch her?”

Jordan shrugged. “She was a woman with brown, puffy hair, around five eight maybe? She said her name was Tami Wickers and she took me warehouse 14, the abandoned one by the river. After that, a group of armed men in suits put a bag over my head and took me to the Zimmdaran Accounting Experts building. That’s all I can think of that would be at all helpfull.”

The officer nodded his head. “We’ll look into this Tami Wickers and see if that wasn’t just an alias she used. You said earlier that you were questioned by someone else about the Super Morpher’s identity. What can you tell us about the one that did that?”

Jordan shook his head. “I’m afraid that I can’t tell you anything more than I already have. I never saw the person questioning me and the voice was the same distorted one that was calling for the Super Morphers return.”

The police officer stood up and started around the table. “Thank you for your cooperation. We’d like you to stay in protective custody until this matter is settled.”

Jordan shook his head. “I very much doubt that would be necessary. I believe the kidnappers have discovered that I can’t be used as a pawn to get what they want from the Super Morpher. I can’t imagine them having any other use for me. No, I’d like to return to my dorm and get some sleep.”

The police officer shook his head. “I’m afraid that we’re going to have to ask you to remain at the police station until we complete our raid of the Zimmdaran Accounting Experts building. We have a cot in back that you can sleep on for now.”

“I’d really prefer to go back to my dorm to be honest; I’ve always had a difficult time sleeping in public places.”

The police officer gave Jordan a stern look. “I’m afraid that we can’t allow that. Your dorm is a crime scene and you were just kidnapped yesterday. Whether you can sleep or not, you’re staying here until we complete out raid on the tower.”

Jordan cringed. He needed to get back to Ryan as soon as possible and figure out what was wrong with him. If Ryan wasn’t back up to one hundred percent when the man that did all this made his next move, the city could be in serious trouble. “Very well, but please hurry!”


Kari and Ryan walked down the sidewalk through a part of town that had been untouched by the riots the night before. Ryan sleepily admired the way that the setting sun reflected off of Kari’s red hair, making it seem to dance with fire. Kari looked over at Ryan and awkwardly chuckled. “I’m so glad that you still decided to come with me tonight, Ryan. I think you’ll really enjoy this bible study.”

Ryan nodded his head. “I’m sure that you’re right. Do you want to go and get something to eat with me after the study? As friends of course. I’m saving our date for something special.”

Kari giggled. “I’m not sure you’ll be hungry after the study; there’s usually lots of snacks here.”

Ryan shrugged. “I guess we’ll just have to wait and see after the study, won’t we?”

A young man ran down the sidewalk toward Ryan and Kari. “Kari! Good to see you!”

Kari smiled. “Chance! I want you to meet my friend, Ryan. He’s going to be joining us for the bible study tonight.”

Chance held his hand out to Ryan. “Any friend of Kari’s is welcome at our bible study.” Ryan shook Chance’s hand and opened his mouth to reply, but before he could Chance turned his attention back onto Kari. “I’m glad to see that you weren’t hurt by any of the rioters last night.”

Kari nodded her head. “Me too. It’s crazy to think that something like that could happen in our city. I’m really glad that the police were ready for it and able to keep things from getting worse than they did.”
Ryan cleared his throat. “I believe that the Super Morpher had something to do with the outcome as well.” Kari and Chance weren’t paying any attention to Ryan however, and were in fact walking ahead of him toward a blue house. Ryan stalked after them while muttering under his breath.

Ryan’s mood brightened after he followed Kari and Chance through the front door and saw a small table set up with snacks covering it. There were cookies, brownies, a platter with slices of cheese and sausage stacked on it, bowls of chips in three different flavors with two different styles of dip, and a bowl of mixed nuts. Ryan gave Kari one last glance and decided to go and grab some snacks.

Ryan was loading a paper plate up with goodies from the table, when two smiling guys approached him. One of them, wearing a blue flannel shirt, held out his hand. “Welcome to my home, my name is Troy. I haven’t seen you at one of these studies before, which church do you go to?”

Ryan swallowed the rest of the brownie that was in his mouth and accepted Troy’s hand. “I’m Ryan, and I don’t go to church.”

Another man frowned and chuckled awkwardly. “You must be new in the area then. How long have you been a believer?”

Ryan shook his head. “I’m not a believer. Kari is trying to convert me though. I’m here with her tonight.”

Troy smiled. “Well, I’m glad that you joined us tonight. I hope that you enjoy tonight’s study. If you have any questions afterward, I’d be happy to help you try to understand.”

Troy and the other man moved to a different group of people and started chatting with them excitedly. Ryan frowned and shook his head, and went back to his snacks.

Ten minutes later Troy cleared his throat and said, “I think we’re going to get started. If you want any snacks grab them quick and then head down to the basement.”

Ryan stood up and made his way to the basement behind the others. A ring of chairs, stools, and couches was set up in the basement, and Ryan smiled when he saw a spot on one of the couches available next to Kari. Kari smiled at Ryan, and he smiled back. It was worth it to have been ignored since they got there for one of her smiles. Ryan’s smile quickly turned into a yawn, which he covered up with a hand. He hadn’t slept very well on that park bench, and he still felt drained from whatever had happened when he absorbed that fire.

Troy sat down on one of the stools and said, “I’d like us to open with a word of prayer. Everyone please close your eyes and bow your heads.” Ryan gladly closed his eyes and tilted his head forward. Troy continued, “Father, I ask that you would be with us tonight and reveal yourself though the book of Romans. We are grateful that you brought Ryan here to be with us tonight, and that he is here for a purpose.” Ryan fought to stay awake, but sleep called to him and he finally gave in and drifted off. He started snoring and everyone looked at him. Kari blushed as her face contorted in horror.


An hour later Kari stormed out of Troy’s home and Ryan followed after her. “I’m sorry, Kari! I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Kari turned and glared at Ryan. “If you weren’t interested in learning anything tonight, why did you agree to come along in the first place?”

Ryan shook his head. “That’s not what happened! I tried to stay awake, I really did! I’ve been under a lot of stress lately because Jordan was kidnapped yesterday and our dorm was destroyed. I didn’t get any sleep last night, and when he asked us to close our eyes, I sort of lost the fight to stay awake. Sorry.”

Kari’s glare melted away and was replaced with sympathy. “Oh, Ryan. I’m so sorry to hear that. Is Jordan okay?”

Ryan nodded his head. “Yeah, he’s fine. The police found him, but they are holding him until they are sure that whoever did this isn’t going to be coming after him again.”

Kari sighed. “I’m glad that he’s okay. I’m sorry for snapping at you. I’ll be praying for the two of you. We can give this a try again next week if you want.”

Ryan smiled. “That would be great. How about we go and get something to eat and you can tell me about what I missed when I fell asleep?”

Kari shook her head. “I don’t think that would be a good idea. It sounds like you need some sleep. I’ll see you around campus, Ryan.”

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