Beast Blades, Chapter 12: Elymas’ Victory Part 3


Elymas stood in the fringes of the forest, watching the walls of rebel camp with confusion. What is the point of making these walls if they weren’t going to set anyone to watch over them? He had been watching the wall for over an hour, and he hadn’t seen any movement from the camp in that entire time. He shook his head. Aldrick was certainly losing his touch if he wasn’t setting up a guard. No matter, it would make his victory that much easier. Once his scouts returned he would mount his attack.

A tiger Acerbi crept through the woods to Elymas’ side. “I have spoken with the other scouts and they reported no movement on the walls. It is time to attack.”

Elymas nodded his head. “I’ll have one of my sorcerers blow a hole in the wall, then I want you and the other tiger Acerbi to rush inside and deal with any resistance that you encounter. My soldiers will come in after you and provide assistance. My sorcerers and I will remain out here to blast any rebels that try to escape.”

The Acerbi nodded his head. “I’ll spread your orders. Just make sure to make the hole big enough for us to get through quickly.”

Elymas watched the tiger stalk off with contempt. He couldn’t understand why Lord Geraldo put so much stock in these creatures. Clearly humans were superior to Acerbi, at least they knew how to follow orders. Elymas motioned to his group of sorcerers standing behind him. They moved up toward him and he whispered, “Simon, once I give the order I want you to blast a hole into the wall large enough for the tigers to get through. Mark, you will stay here with Simon and I to cover the hole. You other three go and cover the front gate. As for any rebels that try to escape, let’s just say that I don’t want to take any prisoners.”

The three sorcerers moved off to cover the front gate, and once they were in position Elymas gave Simon a nod. Simon unrolled a scroll and touched a symbol that looked like a fireball. The symbol disintegrated and Simion breathed in the dust. A fireball formed over his hand and he thrust it toward the wall. The fireball crashed into the wall, and it erupted into a shower of fire and dirt.

The tigers rushed into the opening amidst the rain of dirt, and the soldiers rushed in behind them. Elymas and his sorcerers each had a scroll opened up and were ready to cast a spell on anyone who tried to escape. A few moments later a tiger emerged from the camp. “It’s empty. There doesn’t appear to be anyone in the camp anywhere!”

Elymas shook his head. Why would the rebels abandon this camp after they put so much effort into building the walls? Did his scouts give away that they weren’t actually rebels when they infiltrated this camp yesterday? “Search the entire place again! If there is one rebel still hiding in there somewhere I want him found!” The tiger rolled his eyes but turned and stalked back into the camp.

Elymas turned to Simon and said, “Go and let the others know they are to enter the camp. The rebels may have abandoned it, but I intend to make use of it.” Simon nodded his head and made his way over to where the other sorcerers were watching the gate. Elymas made his way into the encampment with Mark following behind him.

Elymas looked over the soldiers and tigers milling about and a smile crossed his face. “Soldiers!” The human fighters stopped where they were and stood to attention. “I intent to make this our new base of operations, and I want my wall repaired.”

The soldiers saluted and moved over to the wall and began to make plans of how to repair the wall. Simon and the other sorcerers approached Elymas’ side. “Apparently these rebels didn’t know who they were dealing with after all. These walls they built wouldn’t have hindered us at all. The same doesn’t apply to them, however. I think these walls will prove to be very useful for keeping them out, should the need arise.” He swept his eye over the camp and smiled when his eye landed upon a small wooden structure. “I will be taking that as my personal quarters.”

One of the nearby tigers growled, “We will require such a building for shelter as well. You will see to it that a suitable place is prepared for us.”

Elymas sighed. “Very well, once they have repaired my wall I’ll set my soldiers to making something for you. Have you found anyone hiding? Perhaps any clue or indication of where they went or what their next move is?”

The tiger shook his head. “No, we have found nothing. I can’t imagine what they were doing here at all besides building a wall.”

Elymas shook his head. “You will continue to search for any such clue until I am convinced there is nothing to be found here. Send five tigers out to search the surroundings. I want those rebels found!”

A scout stood in the fringe of the forest watching everything going on in the camp. He turned and made his way deeper into the forest. He couldn’t wait to see how Aldrick would react to the news of what happened this night.


Douglas made his way through the camp to Aldrick’s command tent. He pulled back the flap and found Barnabas and Aldrick conferring over the maps on Aldrick’s desk. “Elymas invaded the original campsite last night. It looks like we got our people out of there just in time. It would appear that Elymas has decided to turn the place into his base.”

Barnabas glared at Aldrick. “I’m glad that you went to such trouble to make sure that one of your old friends had such a nice place for his base of operations. I can’t believe that I allowed you to waste so much of our troops’ time making fortifications for our enemy! You gave them up without so much as a fight!”

Aldrick chuckled. “This is all happening just as I planned.”

Barnabas stood up and glared at Aldrick. “Get the guards, Douglas. It would appear that Aldrick has been working against us from the beginning!”

Douglas turned to leave the tent, but Aldrick spoke up. “Hold on, Douglas. This works out to our advantage for many reasons. Now that he has a permanent base of operations, Elymas won’t leave it completely abandoned. He’s always going to leave a handful of fighters behind to keep it secure, including some of his sorcerers. We won’t have to worry about facing his full force any time soon, unless we’re the ones doing a surprise attack.”

Barnabas nodded his head. “I can see the advantages to such a thing, but I don’t know that it’s enough of an advantage to have given them such a strong defense.”

Aldrick smiled. “Good thing that’s not the only advantage it gives us then. I gave some of the camp workers a special task.”

Barnabas looked at Aldrick suspiciously. “What kind of a special task?”

Aldrick gave Barnabas a sly look. “I had them dig a secret tunnel under the camp, hidden so that Elymas won’t be able to find it. When the time is right we can sneak into the tunnels and collapse the camp from beneath them. We’ll be able to take them by surprise just like we did in our first attack, and this time, we’ll make sure that there are no survivors.”

Barnabas gave Aldrick a considering look. “You really thought this through. You should have let me know about it, though.”

Aldrick frowned. “I apologize, but in order to ensure that our enemy didn’t find out about it, only myself and the ones that I had working on the tunnel knew about it.”

Barnabas sighed. “I understand, but you won’t keep anything like this from me again.”

Aldrick nodded his head. “Of course. Douglas, I how many troops did Elymas have with him?”

Douglas frowned. “He only had about twenty humans with him, but he had seventy more of those tiger Acerbi with him.”

Aldrick shook his head. “It seems that Geraldo doesn’t trust humans to get the job done anymore.”

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