The Godard Brothers, Chapter 2: Hairy Potatoes Part 1

godard brothers black

Alfred looked over the whiteboard in his study with amazement. It was all there, everything he would need to begin a successful experiment with his formula, after all these years. He jumped when Sanji snored from beside him, but his surprise turned into a smile. His two boys didn’t look like geniuses, spread out on the floor with dry erase markers in their hands, but they had accomplished something in one night that had eluded him for over ten years. He’d kept the two of them up far too late; now it was time to get them into bed.
Alfred picked Alexander up gently and headed for the door of the study. Alexander stirred and moaned, “Move over, Sanji. I want to help with the formula too.”
Alfred smiled at his son. He said soothingly, “Shhh, there’s plenty of room for both of you, and plenty of time for you to amaze the world, my little scientist.” Alexander smiled and adjusted himself to a more comfortable position on his father’s chest. Alfred couldn’t be prouder of his two boys. What was the future that his children helped to shape going to be like? Would it be a world devoid of sickness? Or would it be a world filled with mechanical advances? Only time would tell, but he was sure that whatever they decided to do, it was going to make this world a better place. He carried Alexander up the stairs and into his room. He laid Alexander gently on the bed, pulled the blanket up under his son’s chin, and kissed his forehead.
Amanda stood in the doorway smiling at her husband. “You let them work themselves to sleep again, didn’t you?”
Alfred turned around and held his finger up to his lips and moved over to his wife. He whispered, “I did. I got so wrapped up in working through the formula with them, that I lost track of the time. I didn’t even notice that they had fallen asleep until I heard Sanji start snoring. Which reminds me, he’s still sleeping in the study.”
Amanda kissed her husband and smiled at him. “Are you coming to bed after you put Sanji down?”
Alfred nodded his head. “Yes, I should be there in just a couple of minutes.” Amanda walked out of the room and headed down the hall toward their bedroom. Alfred made his way down the stairs back to the study.
Alfred scooped Sanji up into his arms and started for the boy’s bedroom once more. He whispered, “Thank you for helping to realize my dream, Sanji. I can’t wait to see what it will be like when you achieve your own dreams.” Alfred paused in the doorway and looked back at the whiteboard. He bit his bottom lip and shook his head. There would be time to copy down the formula in the morning; now it was time to go to bed with Amanda. He flipped the lightswitch off and headed for the boys’ bedroom.
Mark knocked on the door of Alfred’s office, and Alfred looked up in startlement from the notes scattered across his desk. Mark strolled in and said, “Did you want to go and grab some lunch with me? They just opened a new dwarven restaurant just down the block, and I’ve heard good things about it.”
Alfred nodded his head and shifted his attention back onto the notes. “Yeah, that sounds great, Dad. I’ll meet you there at lunch time.”
Mark chuckled. “Meet me there at lunch time? When were you planning on having lunch today? Three o’clock? Maybe four?”
Alfred looked up at the clock on the wall and blinked in surprise. It was twelve thirty. When had that happened? It seemed like he just got to the office a little while ago. “I guess I lost track of time.”
Mark smiled and sat down on the corner of Alfred’s desk. “It’s okay, I figured that was the case when I saw that look on your face. I believe it’s the Godard family look when for when we’re on the verge of a discovery. Care to tell me what it is, or do I have to wait to read about it in the papers?”
Alfred shook his head and took his reading glasses off. “It’s the most remarkable thing; I got home last night and discovered that my two boys had almost completed a formula for a hair growth treatment based around my theory. All these years I’ve been looking for someone to help me to apply my discovery, and when I find someone that can do it, it’s my own children.”
Mark scooped the notes up from Alfred’s desk and started looking them over. “That’s incredible! If this formula of theirs works, it could be the key to making your other applications work! I always knew those boys were something special, even for Godards. Maybe we should let them come and work with us.”
Alfred chuckled and shook his head. “They’re too young to be spending all their time in a lab. Besides, they need to be in school.”
Mark’s face turned serious. “No, they don’t; at least not in the school that they’re in now. That school will only hold their brilliant minds back. I know; I’ve been there and so have you. Those boys of yours should be in college, where they have a higher chance of finding something that will challenge them and help them to grow.”
Alfred sighed and sat back in his chair. Mark wasn’t wrong, but Amanda would never agree to it. It seemed to Alfred that his father and he should understand what is best for a genius’s development better than his wife did, since both of them were geniuses. He had to admit that his wife knew more about what was best for normal children though. “I agree with you completely, Dad, but Amanda thinks that the boys need to be around children their own age, for the good of their development.”
Mark shrugged. “Maybe she’s right, I grew up with friends my own age around me, and I turned out okay. They do need someone to help challenge and grow their intellect though. Maybe you could bring them into the lab on the weekends and we could work with them a little.”
Alfred smiled and got up from his desk. “I think that’s a wonderful idea. Let’s go and get some lunch, I just realized how hungry I am, and I want to get back to mix up my first batch of the boys’ substance.”
Mark looked at Alfred suspiciously. “You aren’t going to test it out on yourself, are you?”
Alfred shook his head. “You taught me better than that, Dad. I’m going to try it out on a potato.”
Alfred swirled a purple liquid around in a flask and watched it bubble. There didn’t seem to be anything left that needed to be dissolved yet, so that left only the last ingredient to be added. Growing hair on a potato was more difficult that one would think because of one simple reason; potatoes had neither hair nor information in their DNA to grow hair. That’s why he was going to have to mix some of his hair in with the formula.
If this ever moved on to human trials, they would use hair from the subjects of course. If they were going to have real hair again it only made sense for it to be their own. Alfred plucked a couple of hairs off of his head and dropped them into the flask. The hairs dissolved into the mixture, and Alfred placed the flask over a bunsen burner. If the boys’ calculations were correct, and he’d been over them ten times to make sure that they were, the heat should turn the compound into a paste that could be applied to the potato.
The mixture in the beaker began to bubble, and the bubbles started to slow, as if they were working their way through a thick sauce. Alfred grabbed a wooden stick and stirred the substance inside of the flask. He decided that it had reached the right consistency, and it was ready for the next step. He pulled the flask away from the flame, and moved it over to the station he had set up where the potato waited for him.
He gathered up a glob of the paste onto his stick, and smeared it onto the potato. He smoothed the paste out, trying to cover as much of the top of the potato as possible. He grabbed three other potatoes that were sitting out and put the paste onto the potato in different ways. One he globbed the paste on and left it that way, one he applied it to the potato in a star pattern. The last one he did nothing to, but made sure to label that one as the control. He made small labels for each of the potatoes and then looked at his watch. It was time to go home and be with his family.
Alfred hurried up to the front door of the lab, his ID card in hand. Alfred paused when he heard Mark’s voice call out from behind him. “Alfred!” Alfred turned and looked at Mark who was walking toward the front door. “You’re here awfully early this morning.”
Alfred smiled, “Of course I am; I did leave an experiment here over night. I can’t wait to see what the results of it are!”
Mark returned Alfred’s smile. “What are we waiting for then? Let’s go and see how it turned out!” Mark walked past Alfred and swiped his card over the sensor. He pulled the door open and motioned for Alfred to step through. Alfred led the way into the lab.
Alfred hurried through to the room where he had left his experiment and when he stepped into his lab, he flicked on the lights. The room lit up, exposing four potatoes sitting on the counter. Alfred gasped when he saw that there wasn’t any paste sitting on the potatoes and ran over to them in confusion. He smiled once he drew closer though; stubble was growing on three of the four potatoes.
Mark chuckled and said, “Well, it took ten years and an idea from a child, but you have finally done it, son. You found a way to grow hair on a potato.”
Alfred smiled nodded his head. “Yeah, I’ll have to make sure to get Sanji and Alex something extra special for their birthday for this. Do you think that Uncle Ryan would be willing to share his secret with the boys?”
Mark shrugged. “You can always ask him, but I don’t see why he wouldn’t be.”
A look of determination crossed Alfred’s face. “This is just the beginning; once I have run tests on these potatoes to make sure that there aren’t any unforeseen side effects, we might be ready to move onto human testing!”
Mark clapped Alfred on the back. “I’ll leave you to get to it then. I’m sure you have plenty you want to get done before the party tonight.”

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