The Godard Brothers, Chapter 2: Hairy Potoates Part 3

godard brothers black

Alfred stood in the middle of a stage, with a microphone in his hands. Sanji and Alex stood next to a whiteboard covered in their handwriting. Alfred stalked toward the edge of the stage. “But I’m sure that you all have heard the details about my formula before. I am pleased to announce that very recently an application for my formula has been discovered by my young assistants. Between the two of them, Alexander and Sanji Godard have worked out a formula that can be used to grow hair. It is still early in the testing phase, but I do have three potatoes sitting in my lab that are in need of a haircut. It may not seem like much to get excited about, that it isn’t anything revolutionary, that it’s not going to change the world, but I would disagree with you.

“This is a huge breakthrough for me, a key that will help me to get past the barrier that has been preventing me from discovering further uses for my formula. I would argue that my formula will change the world, that it will improve the lives of everyone. Now we just need to go out there and make that change.” The room erupted in applause, and Sanji and Alex joined Alfred at the front of the stage. They smiled and waved out at the crowds. Alfred bowed and said, “Thank you all for taking the time to come and listen to me and my sons. I hope that you all will stick around after the dinner and speak with me about any progress you’ve made, or idea’s you have that would utilize my theory. Now, if you will excuse me, I think that my boys and I are going to enjoy some of this amazing food that the university has provided us with.”  Alfred and the boys made their way over to the table where Amanda was waiting for them.

Amanda smiled at her husband as he sat down next to her. “You were wonderful, Alfred. And I can’t get over how cute you boys look in your little suits.”

Sanji rolled his eyes. “You say that every time Dad give one of these presentations, Mom.”

Amanda chuckled and replied, “And you boys look cute every time, like little penguins!”

Alex laughed and took a bit out of a dinner roll. “Sanji does look like a penguin, doesn’t he?”

Sanji glared at Alex, but soon he started to chuckle along with him. Alfred shook his head and said, “Sanji can’t be a penguin, he hates eating fish. Penguins love fish.”

The entire family started to laugh until a man who had approached Alfred’s side unnoticed cleared his throat. Alfred turned his attention onto the man, who said. “Forgive my intrusion, but I was just too excited to speak with you to wait any longer. I am Dr. Bran, a professor here at Leforn University.”

Alfred’s face lit up with recognition. “I remember you! I took a class with you; I believe it was molecular biology.”

Dr. Bran smiled and nodded his head. “Yes, you were one of the brightest students that I ever had. I must admit that after you gave your presentation before the college board all those years ago, it inspired me. Since then I have dedicated much of my life to working on an application of my own, but have encountered similar difficulties to those you yourself have. Is it true that your children are the ones that created your most recent formula?”
Alfred smiled and nodded his head. “Yes, I only assisted them with it a little.”

Sanji said around a mouthful of mashed potatoes, “We would have figured it all out before Dad got home from work if Mom hadn’t taken our writing utensils away from us.”

Alex nodded his head after stuffing the rest of his roll into his mouth. “That’s right!”

Amanda frowned at her sons. “Don’t speak with your mouths full, boys.”

Dr. Bran smiled and shook his head. “That is most remarkable. I have a request of you then; please allow your children to assist me with my theory as well. I have been working on a formula that will help with the regrowth of lost limbs. I have made substantial progress on my theory, but I haven’t any clue on how to proceed. I’m sure that you would agree if you children were to be apart of something so incredible that it would do great things for their reputation.”

Alfred smiled. “I don’t think that anything you or anyone else could do will help my boys to get any better reputation than what they will earn on their own. It does excite me to hear about all the different applications that other scientists have thought of for my theory, and yours is a theory that will truly help to make our world into a better place.”

Dr. Bran looked at Alfred with confusion. “Thank you for your praise, but I’m confused. Will your boys be assisting me or not?”

Alfred frowned. “This is something that I would have to discuss with my wife.”

Sanji looked at Alfred pleadingly. “Can we work with him please, Dad? His idea sounds really cool!”

Alex nodded his head, “Yeah, we really want to help him!”

Alfred shrugged and looked to Amanda. Amanda smiled and said, “I think it would be fine, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their schoolwork. We were looking for ways to challenge them more scholastically, and this seems like as good a way as any other we’ve come up with.”

Dr. Bran quickly replied, “I assure you that it wouldn’t interfere with their schoolwork at all. I would only require their assistance on saturdays. In fact, I’ll even pay your boys for their work.”

Alfred looked at each of his family in turn, and nodded his head. He looked at Dr. Bran and smiled. “I would be honored give my children the opportunity to work with you, doctor. I’d be happy to discuss the details with you after I’ve finished eating.”

Dr. Bran smiled and nodded his head. “Of course. I look forward to it.”

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