Rebellion on Aquore, Chapter 9: A Change in Plans

Tarren huddled against the side of one of the stalls in the marketplace, hiding in the shadow that it cast. He silently watched a group of Enforcer soldiers march through the marketplace. An Enforcer started to raise his hand, and Tarren’s body tensed and he prepared himself to run, but he relaxed when he saw the Enforcer use that hand to cover up a yawn. The Enforcer stopped, and leaned against one of the stalls. “I’ve been on duty for fourteen hours straight, can we just settle down and take a bit of a break?”

A different Enforcer, this one with a yellow bar on his shoulder, signifying that he was a lieutenant, sat down on a crate close to the other stall. Tarren started to search for a way to sneak off without being noticed. The longer those Enforcers stayed in the area, the more likely it was that they would spot him. He paused when he heard the Lieutenant reply, “Aye, let’s take a bit of a breather. These double shifts should only last a couple more days, but they sure do take a toll on your body.”

Tarren looked at the group of Enforcers with interest. Only a couple more days? What was the Pedestal planning? He decided that he had to stay to try and find out what he could from them. He made his way deeper into the shadows and strained to hear what they were saying.

Another of the Enforcers chuckled and said, “We should go to a pub and have a little drink!” The lieutenant glared at the Enforcer that had spoken and he raised his hands defensively. “What? It’s been a quiet night, and these patrols haven’t managed to catch anyone we were actually looking for. These rebels are just too good at sneaking around, we’re not going to find them.”

Another of the Enforcers in the patrol nodded his head. “He has a point, but he’s also forgetting something important. The curfew has made it so that no pubs can be open after eight anymore.”

The Enforcer that had originally spoken shrugged and grinned. “So? We could claim to have heard a disturbance inside one of the pubs, and help ourselves to some drinks. If anyone asks about the break in, we’ll just tell them the truth. Someone broke in and helped themselves to a drink, and we didn’t catch them.”

The Lieutenant smacked the grinning Enforcer in the head with the butt of his spear. “What are you thinking? Commander Timothy would have my hide if he found out that you were drinking on duty under my supervision. That’s enough of a break; let’s get back to patrolling.”

The Enforcer that had been struck rubbed the side of his head where he had been hit and glared at the lieutenant. He shook another Enforcer that was sitting on the ground next to him snoring gently. The Enforcer woke up startled, saw the rest of the patrol moving on, groaned, and got up and hurried after them.

Tarren shook his head. That had proved to be more useless than he had hoped, but He supposed that he couldn’t have been that lucky. It was time for him to move on. It was going to be a busy night for him; he was supposed to meet with John and Scott to “learn” about the rebellion’s next target. Before he did that, he wanted to have a quick meeting with Frederick to… discuss his business practices.

Tarren made his way through the deserted marketplace carefully, darting from shadow to shadow to ensure that he wasn’t seen. His brown cloak slipped off of his right arm momentarily, allowing the faint blue glow of the glove to shine into the night. Tarren’s breath caught once he noticed it, and he quickly pulled the cloak back over it. He listened for any sign that someone had seen the light, and was coming to investigate its source, but none came. He said a quick prayer of thanks that it hadn’t happened while the patrol had gone by, and continued on his way.

He finally made it to Frederick’s office and searched the streets in front of it to ensure that no patrols were going to come through and catch him while he made his way into the building. He noticed a light shining through one of the windows and smiled to himself. It would appear that Frederick was working late tonight. His message would be much better if delivered in person anyway. He made his way across the street and quietly slipped the door open, and carefully started up the stairs.

Tarren strode into the office and saw Frederick hunched over his desk, the scratching sound of his pen against the paper accompanied by a soft muttering. Two candles sat on either side of Frederick’s desk, casting an eerie flickering light in the room. Tarren said, “It’s a little risky working after curfew, isn’t it?”

Frederick jumped and looked around the room until his eyes landed on Tarren. Panic filled his face momentarily, but he quickly regained his composure, smoothed the front of his suit and smiled back at him. “I could say the same for you, my friend. Perhaps this is the only time you could do business with me safely though. Are you interested in taking out a loan with me? I have very affordable repayment options for someone with your skills and reputation. Or perhaps you are here to apply for a job?”

Tarren stepped forward and smashed his fist through Frederick’s desk. “You are done ruining the lives of the people of this planet! You claim to give the people a chance to better themselves, but in reality you are just preying upon the desperate!”

Frederick looked at his broken desk lying on the floor of his office, and shook his head. “That was crafted from mahogany; do you have any idea how difficult that’s going to be to replace?” Tarren stared at him in silence until Frederick sighed. “I am simply a businessman providing a necessary service to the people of this planet. You may see it as me taking advantage of those less fortunate, but I’m giving these people a chance; something that I don’t see anyone else on Aquore offering. They are fully aware of my terms and the consequences of not repaying their debt when they enter into these deals with me. Besides, last I checked you weren’t in charge of deciding who could and who couldn’t run a business on this planet.”

Tarren raised his fist over his head. “You might want to check again!” Frederick cowered in front of Tarren and raised his hands up to defend himself. Tarren took a step forward to deliver the blow, but paused when he heard a sound like thunder from deeper inside of the office and felt a powerful impact on his chest, coupled with a loud ting. He looked down at the ground and saw a somewhat flattened metal sphere roll across the floor of the office.

Frederick stood up and rushed deeper into the office while dusting off his suit. He walked behind a man holding onto a homemade gun with a smoking barrel.  “What took you fools so long? I was almost killed!”

The man holding the gun said, “Sorry, Mr. Frederick. I was sleeping until I heard that crash. Looks like I made it in time though.” Four other men filled the hallway, each holding an attempt at a pistol or rifle.

Frederick ran his hand over his hair to make sure that it was properly in place. “You can apologize later;, get your gun reloaded in case that guy tries anything else.” He cleared his throat and said more loudly so that Tarren would be able to hear it. “I think that we got off on the wrong foot. I’d like to make a deal with you; either you come and work for me or I’ll have my men kill you here and now. It’s your choice.”

Tarren looked at Frederick suspiciously. “Those are guns, aren’t they? Guns are illegal on this planet; how did you manage to get your hands on them?”

Frederick grinned. “It’s one of the many advantages of my business; when you get to chose what you want to seize in repayment of a debt, you always get to pick the best toys, and allow me to assure you there are plenty of men that have made themselves crude firearms. My men have instructions to seize those first if they find any. Now what is your decision?”

“I would rather die that work for you!” Tarren ran toward the window at the front of the office.

Frederick glared and pointed at Tarren’s retreating form. “Fire you fools! Don’t let him escape!”  Tarren leapt through the window toward the street down below amid a shower of glass. Frederick’s men rushed to the window and fired down at Tarren’s retreating form, but none of the weapons were very accurate and the bullets crashed into the cobblestones down below, filling the night with sparks and gunshot.

Frederick trembled with fury. “Get back in here, and hide those guns! There’s no way the Enforcers didn’t hear that, and when they get here I don’t want any suggestion that we have firearms to exist!” He glanced around the room as his men pulled pictures away, revealing hidden alcoves in the wall that they stowed their guns in. “Gather up your normal weapons and make sure when the Enforcers get here to look happy about their arrival! Remember, we were the victims here!”


Tarren arrived at the broken remains of the mining site outside of Hope’s Landing where he had agreed to meet with John to discuss the rebellion’s next strike. He had run into two more Enforcer patrols after his brief stop at Frederick’s office; fortunately he had been unseen either time. He was surprised to see John standing there waiting for him all alone, looking around nervously. Tarren approached out of the shadows.

John jumped when he saw Tarren approaching, but his surprise quickly turned into a glare. “You’re late. You’re lucky I’m still here at all.”

Tarren shrugged and said in a low, gravely voice, “Sorry, but I had another stop I had to make on my way over here, and I got held up by some Enforcer patrols. They certainly seem to be out in force tonight. Did Scott get tired of waiting and leave already?”

John grimaced and said, “Scott usually has more of an advisory role with the rebellion and doesn’t get involved in our activities themselves very often. He’s going to be keeping his distance, but he will be providing support whenever he can. It has been decided that we’re going to hit the mining site at Aquore’s Crater tomorrow night.”

Tarren shook his head. “I would like to put that off another night and take on a different target tomorrow. I want to take out Frederick’s office, and anyone we find inside of it instead.”

John frowned. “Frederick? The loan shark? I don’t think that attacking a single man would be a wise use of the Rebellion’s resources. The government is our main target, not the individuals of this planet.”

“I believe the purpose of this rebellion was to help make the lives of the people that live on this planet better; so far you have decided that attacking the government was the best way to do this. I don’t disagree with that line of thinking; however, I would argue that Frederick is hurting the people of this planet as much as the government is. In fact, I would say that he is hurting them more, if on a smaller scale.”

John shook his head. “Why don’t you just take him out yourself? You had no problem breaking into the Pedestal and taking on the Enforcers alone, surely he couldn’t prove too much of a challenge for you.”

Tarren turned away from John and crossed his arms across his chest. “That was what held me up tonight. I stopped in at his office and his goons repelled me with homemade firearms.”

Surprise filled John’s face. “They have guns? How did they get guns?”

“Apparently the people of this planet are quite resourceful when  it comes to making homemade weapons, and when Frederick goes to collect on debts, those are what he has his men keep an eye out for the most. I don’t know how many firearms they have acquired, but I think you would agree that having those guns would give the rebellion quite an advantage over the Enforcers.”

John shook his head. “I don’t think Scott would like it if we deviated from the plan.”

Tarren sighed. “I also heard from an Enforcer patrol on my way over here that they would only be pulling double shifts for a couple more days. I can’t be certain, but that sounds like they may know where we are going to hit tomorrow night.”

John paused and looked at Tarren in confusion. “How is that possible? Do you think we have a mole?”

Tarren shrugged. “I don’t know for certain. I’m assuming that there aren’t too many members of your rebellion that are happy about me being a part of what you are doing. Maybe one of those decided to turn me in. Either way, attacking Aquore’s Crater a different night might throw them off enough to give us an advantage. Not to mention the advantage the firearms will give us.”

John sighed and slowly nodded his head. “I’ll pass the word along that we’re hitting a different target tomorrow night. I don’t think Scott will be happy about it though.”

“Scott is going to have to deal with it. If he wanted a say he should have been at this meeting. Stay safe, John, and I’ll see you tomorrow night.” Tarren turned and ran into the night. After watching him go for a moment, John followed after him.


Tarren watched the rebels talking softly amongst themselves in the alley below him. John had spread the word that they were changing targets, and from what Tarren could hear, they weren’t too pleased with it. Tarren had been waiting on the rooftop for the last hour, watching for any sign that Frederick was there again and waiting for him to try another sneak attack, but he had jumped out the only window on the upper floor where the office was the night before, and they had boarded that up, making it impossible to tell if there was anyone still inside or not.

Tarren decided that it was time to get started with their plans and he dropped down into the alley behind the rebels, startling them. Once they had determined that it was just the Masked Man and not the Enforcers, they went back to angrily muttering to themselves. John made his way over to Tarren’s side and said, “This had better be worth it; they aren’t best pleased with your decision to switch targets.”

Tarren formed his hand into a fist at his side. “It’ll be worth it. Keep them quiet; we want to keep surprise on our side.” Tarren strode through the middle of the rebels and across the street. After a few seconds, they quietly followed after him. Tarren nodded his head, eased the door open, and snuck up the stairs.

Tarren made sure to keep the glow from his arm hidden beneath the folds of his cloak, paused at the top of the stairs, and looked over the room. It appeared to be empty, as if Frederick had expected another attack. Or possibly the Enforcers had arrested Frederick and seized the firearms. Tarren closed his eyes and quietly prayed that wasn’t what had happened here and made his way deeper into the office. Once the rebels had all made their way into the room, he turned and addressed them. “It looks like no one is here, but that doesn’t mean that Frederick doesn’t have men hidden. Keep your eyes and ears open and spread out to search this place for anything useful, especially hidden firearms.”

One of the rebels sneered at Tarren. “We don’t take orders from you! John allowed you to work with us, you should be listening to him!”

John growled, “Stop bickering and start searching! I don’t like being here any longer than we have to! Jerry, go and stand watch and make sure that we don’t walk into an Enforcer patrol when we leave.”

Jerry, the man that had spoken to Tarren, glared at Tarren before making his way back to the stairs. The other rebel members spread out and started searching the room. Tarren made his way over to John and whispered, “Thank you for standing up for me.”

John shook his head. “I just didn’t want any fights started on this mission, but he’s right. You are working with us and I am in charge. Leave giving the orders tonoe me.” He moved deeper into the room and started searching behind pictures of people and scenes from back on Earth that were hanging on the wall, using a small oil lantern for light.

Tarren watched John walk off sullenly. It was clear that the rebellion was just using him to achieve their own ends, and they hated doing it. It was almost as if they were working with a monster that had destroyed their village, but at least they could make sure that their enemies were destroyed too. If Tarren wasn’t careful one of these hidden firearms could be used to put a bullet into his back. He decided to join in on the search.

Tarren made his way down the hallway that the gunmen had appeared from the night before, and found two doors along the walls. He slowly cracked one open and looked inside, and was surprised to find a room with cabinets and five beds. Apparently Frederick and his men spent the night at the office sometimes, but this wasn’t one of those nights. The room was empty except for the furniture. Tarren made a note to himself to come back and search this room later, but he wanted to make sure that no one was in the other room. He slowly eased the other door open, and held up his mechanical arm, allowing it to bathe the room in its soft blue light. A much nicer four poster bed took up a majority of this room, along with a table and the same chair that Tarren noted had been behind Frederick’s desk the night before. A safe and some cabinets completed the furniture in this room.

Tarren looked down the hall and whistled, attempting to get the attention of some of the rebel members. John came down the hall and looked questioningly at Tarren. Tarren said, “Make sure that these two rooms are searched as well. I already checked and there isn’t anyone inside of either of them.”

John nodded and moved back toward the main room to pass the information along, and Tarren entered into what was obviously Frederick’s bedroom. Tarren made his way over to a table, and started to look through the papers piled on top of it. Tarren frowned as he read a record of how many families had borrowed money from Frederick, how much they owed, and when their loans were coming due. He noticed with some anguish that many entries were from just the past couple of days. his actions were forcing more people to turn to this man for financial security, and they had no guarantee that they would be able to pay him back. Would Frederick eventually stop taking possessions and start forming an army for himself? He was positioned in a way that he could use the financial crisis to take over the planet and set himself up as an emperor.

Tarren decided to take the papers and hope that he could find a way to help these people not end up in that position. Tarren made his way over to the safe in the room and was joined by two other rebel members who began searching the room. Tarren started at the electronic display on the safe, asking for the code to open the door and shook his head. He didn’t know the password, but he did know how to get into the safe. He grabbed onto the handle and pulled as hard as he could with his right arm. The door of the safe was ripped off with a terrible, loud screeching sound.

The other rebel members hurried into the room and glared at Tarren. Tarren shrugged and said, “I’m guessing that none of you knew what Frederick’s password was, and he’s probably keeping the best guns in here.” Tarren turned and looked at was inside of the safe, and frowned when he saw it was filled with plastic cards, most likely just quillions. Tarren pulled out a handful of the cards and looked at them in confusion.

John approached Tarren’s side and looked into the safe and whistled. “That looks like an awful lot of money. That could keep the rebellion funded for years it looks like. I think we’ll just confiscate that. Gary, load this up into a sack.”

Tarren stood up and made room for Gary to get access to the safe. “Have you had any luck with finding any firearms out there?”

John nodded his head. “We’ve found about twenty of them, but they aren’t anything like in the old stories from Earth. These things need to be reloaded after every shot, and I don’t mean just put another bullet in; you have to put gunpowder and everything in there. Still, they should give us an advantage over the Enforcers who don’t have anything. Did you find anything else in here?”

Tarren nodded his head. “Yeah, I found Frederick’s ledgers of who has borrowed how much from him. It’s not very useful, unless we give them some of those quillions to help pay their loans off.”

John turned his head thoughtfully. “That might be a wise use of that money. If the people know that the rebellion is helping to support them through these difficult times, it might make them more loyal to us against the government.” Tarren chuckled and John looked at him in confusion. “What’s so funny?”

Tarren shook his head. “Nothing, I was just thinking that Frederick could use the loans he had against these people to buy their loyalty. Maybe we aren’t so different from Frederick after all.”

John frowned, “No, there is a big difference between our methods; Frederick was going to blackmail and force them to follow him. We are giving the money to the people, and hoping that they will decide to support us for it.”

The door creaked open and one of Frederick’s men stood in the doorway holding a club in his hand. “What do you people think you are doing in here?”

The rebels turned and looked at the man in shock. One of them lifted a pistol that they were carrying and fired it at the man standing in the doorway. The man, Daniel Stark who lived in the home below Frederick’s office, grunted as the bullet passed through his chest, and he dropped to the ground. The force of the blast of the pistol threw the rebel off balance and the lantern that he was carrying flew from his grasp and shattered on the floor. The oil that leaked from the lantern quickly started on fire, and it spread through the room.

John looked at the growing flames and shouted, “Grab what you can and let’s get out of here!” Rebels ran past him clutching pistols and rifles to their chest, and Gary ran past with the bag filled with quillions over his shoulder. Once the other rebels were out of the room, John and Tarren hurried out behind them as the flames took over more of the room.

The rebels hurried down the stairs and out the building; Jerry joined in the chase asked what was going on in confusion. The rebels hurried into the alley across the street they had waited for Tarren in at the beginning of the night. Tarren waved them on, shouting, “Keep going! We can’t be anywhere near here when the Enforcers show up to deal with that fire!”


The rebels kept running until they had made their way to Obediah’s house. John pounded on the door until a very sleepy looking Obediah answered the door. “What’s going on, John?”

John forced his way into the house past Obediah and said, “I’ll explain everything once we’re all inside.”

Obediah moved aside and allowed the rebels in, though he eyed the firearms that they carried with interest. Once the last rebel had made it down to the basement, Obediah gave John a stern look. “I believe you promised me an explanation. Why do those men have guns, John? Did something go wrong with the attack at the mining site?”

John shook his head. “No, We decided to put off attacking the mining site until tomorrow night. The Masked Man wanted to attack Frederick’s office in town instead because he had a hidden cache of firearms.” John gestured toward Tarren. “Things went wrong when one of Frederick’s men came to the office for some reason, and a fire broke out. Long story short, we need someplace to hide until the Enforcers get done dealing with the fire.”

Gary dropped the sack onto the floor, cards filled with quillions scattered across the floor as he shoved Tarren to the ground. He grabbed the pistol that hung from his waist and pointed it at Tarren’s face. “You make everything worse! Things were bad before you came along, but at least the government wasn’t bleeding everyone dry of every quill they had and the rebellion hadn’t killed anyone! Craters! Now we killed one of Frederick’s bullies and who knows if the Stark family who rented the floor down below will make it out alive or not! At the very least they’re going to be homeless, and it’s all your fault!”

Tarren held up his hands in defense. “This isn’t my fault! We went to that building expecting to have to fight Frederick and his men! It was always the plan to destroy Frederick’s office when we were done, so don’t go acting like you hadn’t agreed to do all of this before we went in there tonight! Things may have gotten out of hand, but I wasn’t the one that shot Daniel Start tonight or started that fire!”

Gary pulled back the hammer on the pistol and swallowed hard. John pulled the gun out of his hands and pushed Gary back. “Scott and I decided that supporting the Masked Man was the only way we were ever going to make things better on this planet. No matter how bad things get, we have to keep moving forward and accept whatever comes until we get to a place that is best for everyone. We asked the Masked Man to work with us. You don’t want to work with him? Fine, you volunteered to help us, I’m not going to force you to work with him.”

Gary glared up at John. “I’m going to see this through, but once this is all done, he’s going to have a lot to answer for.” He pointed at Tarren and stalked over to a corner of the basement to fume.

Tarren stood up and watched him go. “I will accept whatever punishment the people see fit to bestow upon me should we make it to that day. For now, I must suffer with the consequences of my actions, and try to justify that the ends are worth the means we are using. Me coming with you was a mistake, John. I’ll see you tomorrow night at Aquore’s Crater.” The rebels watched Tarren slowly make his way up the stairs.


The guard that had arrested Charlie stood behind the Pedestal with his head drooped. A senator stood and faced the Enforcer. “Do you realize how big of fools you made us look like? We had sent our entire force to that mining site to apprehend the Masked Man and the rebels working with him, but they never showed! Meanwhile we lost half a block in Hope’s Landing to a fire because there weren’t any Enforcers available to fight the fire! If the people think that we aren’t taking care of them anymore on top of everything else going on, they’re going to move against us!”

The Enforcer looked up at the senator defensively. “It’s not my fault! I only reported to you the information that the citizen gave to me! You were the ones that decided to throw everything you had at the problem!”

The senator glared at the Enforcer and pointed at him. “You should have confirmed that what you were told was true! You certainly sounded certain of it when you first reported it to us. At the very least you should have had the common sense to allow the man to speak with us! We might have been able to get more information out of him. Perhaps he was followed by someone from the rebellion and because you interviewed him outside of the gates they overheard his confession! They could have changed their plans as a result and burned down the buildings instead!”

The Enforcer frowned. “He’s sitting in the dungeon right now if you want to interview him! Maybe he’ll talk to you more freely than he did to me!”

Another senator stood up. “I’ve heard enough. Until we have the Masked Man in custody you will continue to be on double duty without any pay.”

The Enforcer glared at the senator. “You can’t do that!”

The senator smirked. “Yes, we can. We are the law on this planet, and you work for us. You will do what we say or suffer the consequences. Now unless you have anything new to bring to our attention, you are dismissed.” The guard stared at the senator, his mouth opening and closing wordlessly, as if he wanted to argue with them but knew that it wouldn’t do any good. He finally turned made his way out of the senate’s chamber.


The Enforcer stalked down the stairs into the dungeon and over to the cell that Charlie was huddling in with his son. The guard walked up the cell and threw the door open. Charlie pulled his son close and looked hopefully at the Enforcer. “Are my son and I free to go?”

A wicked grin filled the Enforcer’s face and he grabbed Charlie by the arm. “You gave me bad information, and until you give me something that will put me back in the Pedestals good graces, you are going to share in my misery. Do you have something you want to tell me before we get started?”

Charlie’s eyes opened wide in fear. “I already told you everything I know! I don’t know why they didn’t attack last night!”

The Enforcer shook his head and said, “We can do this the fun way if you really want to. Thomson, get over here and help me get this prisoner up on the table!” Another Enforcer walked over and grabbed Charlie by his other arm.

Charlie struggled struggled to get free of the Enforcers’ grasp. “No! Please, I already told you everything!”

The Enforcer chuckled as he threw Charlie up on the table and strapped him down. “Maybe you told me everything you know, maybe you haven’t. I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough though.” He walked over to wall and pulled down two knives. He approached the table once more and he held the knives over Charlie’s left arm. “Last chance, anything you want to tell me, like who’s in charge of the rebellion, or where and when they meet?”

Tears streaked down Charlie’s face. “Please, you don’t have to do this, I don’t know anything else!”

The knives bit down into Charlie’s forearm and Charlie screamed out in pain. Blood trickled down from the wound and started to pool on the table beneath him. “This can stop once you tell me something useful. This will only go on for as long as you want it to.” Charlie just continued to scream in pain.

The Enforcer grunted in disgust. He hadn’t expected Charlie to last this long. He hadn’t expected to actually have to get the knives in him! He didn’t know how to effectively torture anyone, he was just as likely to kill Charlie as we was to get information out of him. Suddenly a smile filled his face. “Thomson, help me get this guy back into his cell. It’s obvious that torturing him isn’t going to do anything for us. Torturing his son though, that might get us the results we were looking for!”

Charlie’s eyes opened wide in terror. “No! Stay away from my son! He doesn’t have anything to do with the rebellion!”

The Enforcer nodded his head sympathetically. “I know that he doesn’t, but I’m afraid that you do. If you would just tell me what I want to know, I wouldn’t have to do this.”

Tears streamed down Charlie’s face and he gasped out. “Don’t hurt my boy, I’ll tell you what I know.”

The guard set the knives down on the table. “I’m listening. Just remember, if it’s not what I want to hear then we start in on your son.”

Charlie lifted his head up and glared at the Enforcer. “The rebellion gets their orders from Scott Daley, he’s the one that you really want.”

The Enforcer lightly tapped Charlie on his cheek. “Was that so hard? Now why don’t you just wait inside of your cell with your son until the Pedestal calls for you? Thomson, help me to get this rebel back into his cell.”

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