Time Bubble Interview With Sanji Godard.

This week I asked Sanji from the Godard Brothers to join me to discuss some of the events of chapter 2. if you like these interviews, and want to see more of them, leave a like. If you have a character that you want me to interview from next week’s chapter of Rebellion on Aquore, leave that in a comment down below.


Weekend Review of the Godard Brothers for October 4th

This week’s Weekend Review is a little different than the others. Next week’s chapter is the first in a new series, so I can’t really give you a summary of what has happened in the story, but I can give you a bit of background as to how the Godard Brothers fit into my world and who they are, and that’s exactly what I did. There is also a little bit of an explanation of another new series I’m starting called the Time Bubble Interviews, so if you haven’t seen that, be sure to check it out. If you enjoy these Weekend Review videos, please leave a like and make sure to comment any questions you have for me.

Weekend Review of Ahir, Guardian of Malor

In the weekend Review this week we once again take a look at what happened on my blog this past week, in chapter 10 of Beast Blades (there are spoilers about future parts of the story this week) and we review everything that has happened so far in Ahir, Guardian of Malor in preparation of the final chapter. I give you a sneak peak of what’s going to happen in that chapter, and discuss the progress I’m making in the rewrite of Ahir, Guardian of Malor. I wrap the discussion up this week by talking about the project that is going to replace Ahir. If you want more background on the story of the Godard Brothers, follow me on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the stories. Have a great week everyone!

The Super Morpher, Chapter 9: End of the Super Morpher?

Ryan made his way through the crowded hall to the place where Kari had a locker on campus. He couldn’t believe he was going to be the one to break down first. He thought for sure that Kari wouldn’t be able to resist his good looks, but he knew that Kari was the girl he wanted, and he had to make his move before some other guy got her attention. He knew that Kari wouldn’t like to have the kind of fun that Becky liked to have with him, and he was going to miss that. Did he dare try to keep up a relationship with Becky on the side? He sighed and shook his head. Life was complicated enough without trying to have two girlfriends at the same time.

Ryan forced his way between two guys walking the opposite way he was and he saw her. There she was, her beautiful brown hair cascaded down her shoulders and onto her back, and when she turned and flashed her beautiful smile at Ryan, his heart beat faster in his chest. Yeah, this was definitely the girl for him. “I haven’t seen you around much lately, Ryan.”

Ryan smiled back. “I’ve been a little busy lately. I hope you aren’t too busy this week, because I’m finally going to be taking you out on a date.” Continue reading